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Flexible Strategies for IFAs

Annuitisation or Capitalisation?

Over recent years many financial advisers have been considering whether to remain actively advising or whether to sell up and retire. Both regulatory changes and the economic environment means that many find themselves spending far too much time running their business and dealing with compliance issues, and much less time actually advising their clients. A classic case of running faster to stand still!

Nexus IFA offers both an annuitisation and a capitalisation solution. The mechanism for both involves the sale of your firm and as such entrepreneur’s relief may apply.

Both strategies are designed to assist advisers who are looking for the best solution for both themselves and their clients, as they decide their future. Both offer a degree of flexibility in terms of time-scale and the level of further client integration desired (if any).

Our capitalisation option is for those who would prefer to receive a cash sum on sale.

Our annuitisation option allows for any recurring income you have to continue to be paid on a shared basis. This option also allows you to continue to liaise in a non-advising capacity with your clients if you wish to do so.

Take a look at the details on each option below.

Annuitisation Option

Deregulated - no further compliance/regulatory involvement
A Client liaison relationship can be maintained if desired
Nexus IFA advisers service client needs & carry regulatory risk
On-going share of commission/fee income on new business paid for 10 years
On-going share of trail/FUM/renewal income paid for 10 years

Capitalisation Option

Capital sum paid in instalments
Due diligence carried out by Nexus to determine your firm's value

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