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People save and invest money for many different reasons. It could be you're saving towards a rainy day, or for a specific goal such as funding a child's university fees or a deposit for a house. Nexus have the expertise that can help you save and invest for whatever goal you have in mind. We provide clear and unbiased advice on a range of investment products and services.

Whether you are looking to save regularly in a cash ISA, or you are investing a lump-sum for the first time in an equity linked investment, we have the knowledge to help you make the right choices.

Not only can we help you get the best rate of return from your savings and investments, we can also make sure that they are tax efficient with the use of products like ISAs. For those that are looking to invest larger sums, we have a range of investment solutions for you to consider.

An investment portfolio forms a critical part of many of our clients' personal financial plans. Our expert advisers will guide you through the many options available when building a successful investment portfolio, taking into account tax opportunities and implications, your attitude to risk, and balancing the need for income, growth or both.

What is Your Attitude to Risk?

Most people may have some understanding of the relationship between risk and reward, but lack the knowledge on how to best invest money. That is where our professional advice can help. Risk is always relative to each individual, and to make sure that an investment is tailored to your personal attitude to risk is very important.

When people generally talk about risk they actually mean 'volatility' - the more adventurous an investment (the higher the risk) the more ups and downs it is likely to experience.

For example, a cautious investor may only be willing to experience small fluctuations on their invested capital, whereas an adventurous investor may be willing to speculate with up to a third or even more of their capital in order to achieve a higher growth potential. Higher risk can potentially bring higher reward, but also potentially higher losses too.

An ultra-cautious investor may not be willing to experience any fluctuations, but they need to understand that the potential for growth will be limited if they take no risk. However, when interest rates are lower than inflation, even a bank deposit account with no fluctuations can decrease in real terms as the buying power of that money reduces.

Stock markets and investment funds have become more volatile in recent years. This makes it more important than ever to select the right product that matches your attitude to risk.

Professional investment advice from a qualified and regulated independent financial adviser will set out all of your options clearly, help with the balance between risk and return, and tailor recommendations to your individual risk profile and goals.

We suggest that clients who follow our recommendations then review them on a regular ongoing basis. This is all part of our service to you.

For further information please contact us & arrange a free initial consultation with an independent financial adviser.

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The value of investments can go down in value as well as up, so you could get back less than you originally invest. It is therefore important that you understand the risks and commitments. This website does not provide personal advice based on your circumstances. If you are unsure about the suitability of an investment please contact us.

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